World Freedom Convoy

World Freedom Convoy


Europe Convoy


When February 7, 2022

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World Freedom Convoy

2022 freedom convoy for Europe!

Canada Convoy

Australia Convoy

Finland Convoy 🇫🇮

Netherlands Convoy

Czechoslovakian Convoy

Belgian Convoy 🇧🇪

American Convoy 🇺🇸

French Convoy 🇫🇷

Italian Convoy 🇮🇹

Spain Convoy 🇪🇸

Hungarian Convoy 🇹🇯

Portuguese Convoy 🇵🇹

Romania Convoy

Lithuania Convoy

Cyprus Convoy

Germany Convoy 🇩🇪


Brasil Convoy 🇧🇷

Sweden Convoy 🇸🇪

Polish Convoy

Switzerland Convoy

Denmark Convoy 🇩🇰

Slovenia Convoy 🇸🇮

Latvian Convoy

Arabic Countries

New Zealand just added

Organize for each individual movement

Then we make a demonstration in each countries capital

Then we converge on Brussels as a united Europe

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