Without Cash, There Is Only a System of ‘Government Approved Purchases’

Without Cash, There Is Only a System of ‘Government Approved Purchases’

By Malcolm Roberts

Without cash, there is only a system of ‘government-approved purchases’. Even if you don’t use cash, having it banned will mean the government can take complete control of you and access your money at any time.


Here’s what others had to say:

Tatiana Schild
No doubt backed by our equivalent of the Trusted News Initiative

David Doyle
Oh Malcolm, isn’t one nation supporting the indue card.

Kris P Bacon
There’s no legal requirement for a business to accept cash now even though it is legal tender……you’re miles behind Malcolm.

I barley ever handle cash tap go done BoBs ya uncle cya later bye bye .cash Thinking face you wouldn’t have some anoying coin for me would ya .or hang on I gotta go get some cash from the bank then I’ll be there cash /coins drives me nuts coins more than anything thoe

Your apart of the government playing the roll of against the government but for the government Thinking faceam I missing something Thinking face

Simon Summers
We must ensure that physical cash remains a payment option. Bitcoin is an excellent substitute though.

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