Why Did They Try To Assassinate China’s Top Leaders? A Never-Ending Power Struggle Inside CCP

Why Did They Try To Assassinate China’s Top Leaders? A Never-Ending Power Struggle Inside CCP

By Australian National Review

Assassination has always existed in the CCP’s internal power struggle. But it’s usually secretive, and the Communist Party does not want the Chinese public to know about it. However, it seems harder to conceal it now.
This past September 30th, Sun Lijun, the former vice-minister of Public Security, was officially announced to have been expelled from the Party and dismissed from public office.
On October 2nd, a central government’s verdict was handed down concerning the disciplinary review and investigation of the former Minister of Justice, Fu Zhenghua.

Here’s what others had to say: 

jason siddons
It’s comforting to know that paranoia is consuming his every thought.

John Xina
Here’s what happens when the power is too centralized: everyone hogs for it.

sara fox
Someone could use a mid powerful infrared laser beam to permanently blind him. It’s completely invisible to the naked eye.

didier montagnier
There is a real power struggle between Pooh and Toad. Pooh took out a few of Toad’s henchmen in his purge and Toad is fighting for his life. A cornered Toad is a dangerous creature.

I want Xi to stay behind the wheel so he can continue to run the show into the ground. a change of leadership will just prolong this awful government.

I can’t imagine that the people of china are too happy with rolling blackouts.

itsoweezee 868
Man who needs Game of Thrones, when you have CCP infighting, amirite?

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/state-of-affairs/why-did-they-try-to-assassinate-chinas-top-leaders-a-never-ending-power-struggle-inside-ccp/

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