Treason! US Military Waging Biological Warfare Against Its Own Troops

Treason! US Military Waging Biological Warfare Against Its Own Troops

By Health Ranger Report

Under the control of anti-American, anti-human globalists, the Pentagon is now waging biological warfare against the nearly two million active-duty soldiers that currently serve in the defense of the United States of America.

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Btw, did you see what Fauci did to the beagles? I don’t think he is human. The demon hybrids are in the white house.

Jack Edwards
Correction, re: the young couple selling a house story, Toronto is nowhere near Vancouver, it’s 3300 km. away, It takes 5 days to drive from Vancouver to Toronto. So they couldn’t possibly be in Vancouver if they’re selling a house in Toronto.

I always wondered how bad people were that God was grieved He ever Created man. Grieved enough to destroy millions and leave only 8 people. I know there was a DNA problem because of the half breed human-demons but God was grieved. And here we are again, “just as in the days of Noah” just as Jesus said. Sadly, more could have gotten on the ark but they chose destruction.

You who have been trumpeting your “training”with the US troops have to start excusing yourself for your support of the military idiots Get some balls boychiic so tired of your short comings.

Pastor Greg Locke seriously needs Jesus. I guess he’s very carnal right now but he needs to focus on the gospel and stop threatening Dunkin Donuts employees just for doing their job. It’s not Christian. Pray he doesn’t fall away as so many seem to be.

Unless the DEPLORABLES are on I won’t watch. They live in Dallas so you should get it together and be completely legitimate.

Trump won’t be back, he got drowned in the Swamp which he never drained

Malachi Yarden
UNDERSTAND YOUR CONSTITUTION!!!!! Your local Sheriff is your key to freedom.

Could you use just a little bit of discretion when giving a title to your videos? This kind of WAY over the top posting is useful to justify shutting everyone down on these independent sites. Just a little bit of foresight goes a long way in this regard!

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