This Company Secretly Owns the World

This Company Secretly Owns the World

By Moon

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Monsieur White
Yes. Calling them out. Good on you. Now I have something I can send people to educate them on this, without me delving into ”’things”’ and poisoning the well.

The Rabbit Monk
I’m thoroughly convinced the only way to combat this stuff is to live like a18th century artisan or farmer or something. I’m reminded of that time Tim Dillion was on JRE and was like, “They’re gonna do it. There is no winning here.” and “most people don’t care and will give up all the rights as long as they have cheap credit, cruises, chicken wings and garlic knots.”

Henry the Green Engine
Remember everyone: Moon was not depressed or experiencing suicidal ideation and Moon did not kill himself

Giulliano Ramos Balbinot
truly a megacorporation, pulling the strings from the shadows. here in brazil they own a significant portion of shares in all our major companies, and they also manage the etf that track the main index of our stock market. very nice video!

I believe that The Vanguard Group is the largest member on BlackRock’s board and that no one knows exactly who the Vanguard Group is comprised of. Between these 2 mega corporations, they wield an unbelievable amount of influence on all industry.

William Gras
Also something to look into is circular ownership, which means blackrock controls itself through the ETFs they own in which their stock is traded. That way they aren’t accountable to anyone but themselves

Al Assad Gaming
You’re brave to put stuff out like this mate, most folk would be scared of things like “Car-crashes” and “freak

Steven Macdonald
Moon – When you concentrate on investigative journalism, rather than take a side politically, you are quite simply untouchable right now. Keep pushing this direction, and educating people that before now have been ignorant to it all. Outstanding work.

Austin Sterling
People like you are the ones that randomly go missing for the wrong reasons, stay safe, and keep speaking the truth

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