Putin Putting a Wrench Into WEF Agenda – Thomas Androvic Talks Ukraine / Russia

Putin Putting a Wrench Into WEF Agenda – Thomas Androvic Talks Ukraine / Russia

By Irnieracing Reports

“Russia is actually doing us a favor.” Thomas Androvic PPC Canada gives intelligent insight into Ukraine, Russia, USA, Trudeau and the WEF.

Here’s what others had to say:

Bonnie Anderson
Finally someone reporting the truth!

Craig Guilmet
Very well stated thanks for posting this as a majority of people are unaware of this information.

Calm, collected, and spot on.
Thank you for a deeper analysis.

Darlyn Jacobson
I feel sympathy for the innocent but you sir are spot on.


Michael Jones
what this fella is saying here is worth exploring. Peaked my interest for sure. Good thought process, much better than we see from corporate media. I am so distrustful of corporate media now, the first thing I thought was how suspicious this situation seemed and that it didn’t quite add up. We aren’t getting the entire story, which makes this guys position all the more interesting to me.

Watching TrainsGoBy
Most of us had already figured much of this out thanks to social media. Breaking away from the “approved” narratives we’re spoonfed is the healthiest thing any person can do for themselves. It’s a terrible world when the truth must be whispered and lies can be shouted with the kind of conviction media and politicians do. But you gave us more depth to what is going on. Thank you for that. Of course we all pray for the Ukrainian people. But sometimes, you gotta have that fight when you’re backed into a corner by evil people like the ones that have a grip on Ukraine right now.

Very well said. It’s refreshing to hear clear unbiased thoughts.

Lyle Dubois
Thanks for sharing this Marcel and informing the people, I have been following this across many mediums but he summarizes it in a manner presentable to those who don’t spend hours a day DYOR.

Phil McCracken
American here and I’ve seen and heard much of the same. Glad some people are seeing through the lies.

Jeff Cribb
I was trying to explain these points to my staff yesterday, most of who have been indoctrinated with the US propaganda and talking points that anything the US does is heroic and in the name of freedom while anything Russia does is horrendous and despotic. They were oblivious about the obvious paradox of Syria and all of the other US invasions, official and unofficial. My youngest staff member overheard our conversation and approached me from her less collective/indoctrinated youthful existence and expressed wonder and intrigue about most of these points which seemed to instinctively come to her. Even after all of the false COVID narrative has become so apparent, the masses are overzealous to forget such betrayal and jump back into the comforting illusion of psychopathic groupthink. This was a great video and commentary that needs to be considered by all.

Original source: https://youtu.be/RWtw7edhZFs

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