Public Opinion Sways in Russia’s Favour After the Sinking of Moscow

Public Opinion Sways in Russia’s Favour After the Sinking of Moscow

By Aussie Cossack

Radio presenter Carl Leopold goes on the air with Aussie Cossack.

Here’s what others had to say:

John smith
Respect. Anybody fighting the “Left” deserves it.

Chris Kyle
Blessings to everyone affected by this conflict. Thanks for bringing us the latest Aussie Cossack.

Steve Insidious
I’m rootin for Putin !!

john aware
I think the Belgrano was the last major ship sunk in the Falkland war back in 1982.

Fart Squirel
According the news:
Ukraine: “We sunk your battleship
Russia: “Our battleship sank by itself”
Also Russia: “We want revenge for sinking our battleship.”
The wind:

Gogo Gogic
Milos Zeman, Czech President: “Aggressor” – this is the state that attacked another state before the United States did it.
Last 70 years were all American – NATO wars where 40 million people been killed (Entire Ukraine population).
No, no, this is not genocide said Americans, this is collateral damages.

alexander marken
My money is on it not being a Ukrainian Missile but something very different that Ukraine does not use. The Moscow may be an older ship however it has significant air defence systems and was designed to defend against Carrier borne aircraft for a short time.

Simeon, you are just partly right about KGB. KGB exist, but not in Russia.
KGB exist in Belarus, it retained it’s name KGB for its secret police but there is no relation other than the name from the Soviet-era.

Spending more than half the video puffing up your own chops and credibility doesn’t make your argument more persuasive. And your argument isn’t clear. Mainly it’s implication.

Ollie Bri
The attack on “Moskva” was a combination of the missile, satellite and UAV systems. “Moskva” had a new radar systems installed just recently with the capabilities of up to 500km and it was capable to defend itself from the attacks, but. It got sunken and it’s a tragedy, however it is a win for the other side. To sunk something like that you need a lots of skillful preparation and resources. I think the Russian Black Sea Commander needs to be send to a court martial for his negligence in leaving such a ship without the defence support.

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