Prepare Yourself. Because It’s Going To Get Worse

Prepare Yourself. Because It’s Going To Get Worse

By Candace Owens

Here’s what others had to say:

Nate Estes
Time to take our power back. Get involved at the local level people, we will remove all the traitors one by one at all levels

Connie Inman
She’s brilliant and has a perspective that’s on target!!! Listen up!

Vance Anding
Your are an amazing person. Hope my girls have your mind set and your drive.

Ann Tippetts
We all need to speak out like Candace no matter how small our circle is. No more fear!

Carla Gannon
I don’t understand how there are some that don’t see. Unreal.

Joanna Parrish-Lubbers
Love this woman!! Please people wake up!! Candace Owens is right, it can happen every where even here..look at Australia its happening there.

Lisa Tremain Schori
You are smart, classy, well spoken, and I admire you so much! Thank you for fighting and informing with common sense!!

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