LAPD Tells Residents To “Comply” With Robbers As Society Collapses Into Lawless Chaos

LAPD Tells Residents To “Comply” With Robbers As Society Collapses Into Lawless Chaos

By Health Ranger Report

In a 17-0 decision, an FDA committee has codified medical atrocities against innocent children across America by voting to approve “emergency use” of covid vaccines in children aged 5 – 11.

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You have to ask the question why are people allowing this to happen?
Why are those complicit in this genocide not arrested and thrown into prison, or must we think first about their human rights?
So what about the human rights of these children, who have no adverse effects from the coronavirus and are being injected with a vaccine, that destroys their immune system.
What is wrong with these people allowing this genocide to occur?

You can pray all day long, over and over and ask Jesus into your hear, which is NOT biblical, and never be saved. Question is… Do you know him personally? Does he know you personally? Those that he has, he knows and guides directly.
Pray like your life depends on it! Because it does. Many are called, few are chosen.

Halloween was celebrated last night at my EX-church, the MOST evil night of all & celebrated it that after having the Vax Van there walking them right into the front door of God’s house to give out the MARK OF THE BEAST! Boosters no less! Line up all you sheeple! We won’t be going back EVER, call it irreconcilable differences. Divorced from so many, thank you Lord!

The LORD will show no mercy, PRAISE GOD! Parent=this is the hill I will die on-NO!
There is no, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know”, bs. Your fault for NOT knowing! The info is all out there. Imagine this, the school bus that delivers all these kids at the end of the day are ALL REQUIRED TO GET THIS TO GO TO GO TO SCHOOL! They have ALL gotten it thanks to their parents! NO MERCY TO THE PARENTS!

I don’t mean any offense to the very Strict religious people … God’s wrath doesn’t really matter until these people have died…… If he’s not gonna send his wrath to earth now and fix the problem …. you need to do something besides preach from the bible.

I have tears in my eye and hurt in my heart, listening to this horrific target, towards injecting 28 million doses of this mRNA vaccine to innocent 😇 children that do not require this horrific jab. This is a Luciferian agenda! Parents everywhere, please object to this insanity, which is pure evil 👿 “SAVE” your children. Our bodily sovereignty is being under such a threat with this covid vaccination enforced by government mandates. Thanks 🙏 for people like Mike Adams, Dr. Mercola, David Martin, SherryTenpenny, Alex Jones and many others that are exposing this incredible fraudulent tyranny. Also Dr. Richard Flemming who is working around the clock to show us what’s the content of the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine which isn’t for anyone’s benefit or health. They have to stop the production of all of those vaccines, now and arrest and judge all the wicked tyrants involved in this horrific scheme. God bless the righteous and we say; NO HELL NO! You Medical pedophyles. Leave the children alone; you will be prosecuted because the proof is now exposed for all to see!

Jake Miles
Sorry, but sounds like false hopium. Inflammation, myocarditis and encepalopathy are completely predictable, COVID vaccines were tested before the official vaccinations began. Fauci was creating coronaviruses in Wuhan with a clear purpose to make vaccine against possible coronavirus outbreaks. Vaccine was not designed by any magical AI, it was designed by people in the inner circle. It’s quite obvious that the globalist technocracy also won’t be ruled by any computer. Anarchy may be the only thing that saves us in the end, government is the number one killer on the planet.

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