Fauci Has Had $191 Billion Spent of Us Taxpayers Money Since 1999 Building Bio Weapons To Wipe Billions off the Planet

Fauci Has Had $191 Billion Spent of Us Taxpayers Money Since 1999 Building Bio Weapons To Wipe Billions off the Planet

By Emod Ni

Watch this and I would not consider not watching it.

Here’s what others had to say:

Ingrid Dammert
Bless you for sharing this valuable information. I will defnitely pss it long too.

Jan Bailey
All their assets should be taken away, to pay for all their wrong doings (death can not be paid with any asset) they all should be taken out of society.

John Marie Louw
Alex, there are many theories doing the rounds! The only serious factor is that daily deaths cannot be ignored! New variants are of the disease are exposed weekly. The only way to protect ourselves is to be inoculated against it. This is a personal choice but daily news reports cannot be ignored! We do not believe in taking chances and have already had our first jabs! So believe what you will and good luck!

Gayle Horn
How come when we were kids and had a vaccine it wasnt a problem. We got them all.
Now as adults (am guilty to) we feel there is some sort of conspiracy.
We are buggered either way.
So just have the vaccine.

Hameda Khan
All viruses r man made, This vaccines that was given to us as babbies, That was not to prevent us from getting it, They were giving it the the children so it affected nd some not, That’s the way big pharma’s has been making money, They gotten greedy over the years nd, Invented more nd more viruses to keep the world sick, Now they have decided the world is over populated, Nd to get rid of the useless eaters the old age pensioners in old age homes, Then the sickly, Depopulation agenda 21, U don’t contribute nd pay taxes, They score big time not paying pension, more tax money into there pockets, Sad reality

Peggy Maki
really informative and IMPORTANT<SHARING

Per Erik Holvik Tennebø
She Said there was something to do to those who have taken it. Someone know a video she are talking abote it?

Jake M Moore
Dan Harrington isn’t it Hilarious people actually fell for Big Pharma and Government BS 😂😂😂

Max Born
Isn’t it hilarious that over a billion human beings have been injected with a bio-weapon, so far…? What kind of a moron are you?

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