Expert Says Gold Could Hit $100,000 Soon!!

Expert Says Gold Could Hit $100,000 Soon!!

By George Gammon

Here’s what others had to say: 

Jaren B
Would be interesting to see gold and silver actually break out in value. It’s probably the only two thing that hasn’t mooned since 2020 because of corruption and manipulation from chase and others.

William Macomb
This content is definitely under valued by a majority of people in the world.

If they can get people to wear a mask for 2 yrs. then I think it’s a possibility, and not crazy that gold can get that high.

Brian Smith
So the takeaway is that when a large country starts trading in gold, the value of gold will skyrocket.

Dave Bellamy
19:26 Bifurcated world. EXACTLY! That’s what I was thinking as soon as they froze Russia’s FX reserves.
The advantage would be with the commodity producers and countries that produce goods to have a trade surplus. AS IT SHOULD BE! Bring it on!

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