Anti-War Protests

Anti-War Protests

By LauraAboli

Anti-war protests…

Nobody wants war, we all want to live in peace, but unfortunately in this world sometimes force is necessary to bring peace.

Would these well meaning people be against this conflict if they knew that Ukraine had become the elite’s cash cow? Europe’s epicentre for human trafficking, bioweapon research and money laundering?

Would they be against it if they knew that the next ‘plandemic’ was probably going to come out of one of the 11 bioweapons labs in Ukraine, funded by the US?

Would these people be supporting a Ukrainian government responsible for the Maidan and Odessa massacres in 2014? Or the thousands killed in Donbass in eight years? Or the suspension of water to Crimea?

Ukraine hides many dirty truths that the elites are desperate to hide, so before you stand in support of it’s government try to do a bit of research and don’t believe a word the media tells you. You know they lied about Covid why should they be telling you the truth about Ukraine?

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