The collapse of the USD as a reserve currency?

The collapse of the USD as a reserve currency?

By Jeremy Britton

When one domino falls, others will follow. First El Salvador exits the USD and adopts bitcoin as a national currency (**all businesses** in El Salvador must now accept BTC as payment, yes, even Tesla), BTC is a currency so no CGT.
El Salvadorians and their government will be selling USD to purchase BTC, in the volumes of millions. The USD is likely to fall in value, and prices of assets denominated in USD will likely rise.
Next in line to adopt BTC as the official currency are Paraguay, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.
Mexico is the world’s 15th largest economy (bigger than Australia and Spain). Brazil is the 9th largest economy. This is big news. Look into it and see how it affects you, because it soon will.

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