Secret Meeting of Media Kingpins Is Happening This Week!

Secret Meeting of Media Kingpins Is Happening This Week!

By Mark Dice

Here’s what others had to say:

Doesn’t sound shady at all. I’m sure they have OUR best interests in mind.

Leonard Hopper
“Yellow” journalism is alive and well. Now fortified with Central Intelligence!!!

The USA is no longer a country but a corporation and any of us can be “fired” at will. Freedom is an illusion.

The ‘synchronised unpersoning’ of anyone they don’t like is evidence enough.

Well, if this doesn’t make it obvious that U.S. currency is nothing more than monopoly money or game tokens, nothing will.

Sagat Uppercut
I think there’s a conflict of interest if a PUBLICLY OWNED CORPORATION has a major meeting that affects the future of their business strategy without inviting the shareholders to attend. It’s a setup for insider trading.

Patriot Lead Slinger
The Sheeple People are waking up but it’s at a snail’s pace.

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