Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview With Mike Lindell

Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview With Mike Lindell

By Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, coming to our show in 2014, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law,” and Jimmy pushes him on his Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy, donating $50,000 to help bail out Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the interview is interrupted by the other Mike Lindell (James Adomian).

Here’s what the others had to say:

Alleister Voosen
You didn’t invite Mike to have a conversation. You were constantly and consistently disrespectful. Why don’t you progressives have actual virtues? I’d never drill a recovered addict about their addictions. Mike is a standup guy and responded well to your insults. I think he’s a good example of good Minnesotans. We’re honest and hard-working and we come up from misery when it’s necessary.

john mills
Notice how Mike Lindell has another golden opportunity to show even a smidgen of evidence of his allegations of fraud and he just doesn’t do it. He can’t because he’s a con man.

sky queen
Kimmel acts like he aint an alcoholic or a drug addict, too. LOL

Kurt Hagen
Remember when Jimmy used to be funny? Yeah me neither. Every time Kimmel asked a question it blew up in his face, when Lindell answered factually and accurately, and he was reduced to calling out Lindell for his former addiction. The left needs better puppets, this ones blown out.

Daniel Albrecht
I dont think this turned out as Kimmel and producers hoped it would.

David Tamayo
The way Kimmel attacks and belittles Lindell is shameful.

Halfway through Kimmel is literally speaking to himself about what he is saying. Absolute zero self awareness and projecting 101.

Christopher Nichols
” they say it’s was the most secure election we ever had ” lmao didn’t they tell us for 4 yrs the Russians stole the election” lmao

Jewell Barton
I’ve never seen such rude behavior from a talk show host ( Jimmy) to a guest ( Mike Lindall) . Jimmy doesn’t take anything serious, rudely cuts Mike off over and over and thinks he’s funny in doing so. If I were Mike I would have walked off his stupid show. Shame on you Jimmy. Your behavior shows you don’t care for the truth.

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2N27160HKs&ab_channel=JimmyKimmelLive

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