The Trueman Show #29 Dr Reiner Fuellmich

The Trueman Show #29 Dr Reiner Fuellmich

By Jorn Luka

My content is freely accessible for everyone. We are travelling through Europe to produce a lot of interesting podcasts.

This is the 29th episode of The Trueman Show. This time with no one other than German/American lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Reiner did a lot of big cases against big corrupt companies like Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank and Kuehne Nagel. Since the Corona narrative has been pushed, he and his colleagues also do a lot of international cases against governments worldwide for taking ‘measures’ against the spread of a so-called virus.

We sat down in his office in Germany to talk about what he is up to at the moment, about the theory that the ‘virus’ escaped a lab, about the so-called vaccines, about who is behind all this, what we can do to create a better future and way more.

Here’s what others had to say:

Sterre Hera
Mr. Fuellmich take care and protect your self. Thank you so much for being human.

L v R
I would love to give this man a big hug, i am so thankful. The word hero is invented for his kind.

Daniel Lefebvre
To all christians listening, please pray for this honest man, for his protection him as well as his family.

Dr. Reiner Füllmich is one of our German heros!

Tell dr Fuellmich that I am proud to have him on our side. He is a marvellous person. We are going to win this, losing is not an option. This whole corona is a charade!

Off Grid21
Excellent interview, inspiring and yet calm and rational analysis. These monsters will not be successful in their great reset, humanity will prevail but it will require courage and strength.

Tania Yager
This man is an Angel that is why we must all support him not only with words but donate to the expensive cause ahead of him and the other associate lawyers!

rosemary malloy
Just like when Rand Paul called Fauci out on the Gain of Function funding lie, more members of congress are starting to come forward with getting rid of Fauci, his lies and deceit.

eljuegocuantico sofia
Simply brilliant! This is all we need to know and it has to be spread in all languages. With your permission I’ll translate it into Spanish and share it everywhere I can (as far as I know there’s no Spanish presence involved in this legal action). Thanks a lot for this!

Daan Spits
This is probably, by far, the best summary of the current state of affairs. Thanks for your efforts Jorn & Reinier. It’ll go down in the books.

Take good care of yourself, brave Herr Dr Füllmich, because you are making a lot of communists really angry…

Monika M
We are so lucky that there are still some courageous people in this world. Thank you Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Canada ‘s Justin Trudeau is involved “. The Mysterious Death Of Apotex Founder Barry Sherman ” and also Winnipeg laboratory leak.


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