Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,800 Flights As Speculation Swirls

Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,800 Flights As Speculation Swirls

By Bongino Report

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Herbert Wiley
It’s called Intestinal Fortitude. SWA Pilots are doing it right! I stand with them! Will NOT be flying SWA until they respect personal choice.

Dennis King
Dan, SW Airlines partially blamed the weather so that they refer to this down the road as due to climate change.

Mark Haddock
Australia in the same boat but you are lucky you guys have arms . Stay strong and can’t wait to see your victory 👍👍love the clips keeps us strong

Judy Hodge
This is true, I am at a medical physiology and people are walking out the door, my husband is at a grocery store and people are walking out there also.

Blanche Rose
what I read was the problem was coming from Air Traffic Controllers. hmmmmmmmmmmm

Rojo Sorrells
Tell em to bring it, don’t sing it. No border, no nation, no taxes. This so called president is in total violation of his oath of office. Impeachment is called for. And its time to put “term Limits” on every political position in America.

Renee Beaudoin Dietrich
We knew this would lead to nothing but disaster. The tyrannical dictator in the office is doing much more harm than good. In fact, has anyone heard of anything good he’s done in 9 months???

Jeff Everett
Local new here in Dallas, saying the pilots union caused it and threatening to strike.

Scott Gebow
Remember when Obama said: ( and this may be a paraphrase ) “Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f..k things up.”

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