New Chant Going Viral Around Country — Biden and Libs Will Hate It

New Chant Going Viral Around Country — Biden and Libs Will Hate It

By Dan Bongino

Oh man, the libs are going to lose their minds over this 😂😂😂

Here’s what others had to say:

Jacobie Taylor
About time he gets some recognition 😂

Ed Coyne
“…bUt hE gOt 80 mIlLion vOtEs.”

Nadia Archip
The sad part is that it’s not even him running the country. He’s just the face we see. It’s the ones in the background we know nothing how they look.

Paul Mikokagayne
Watching from the uk with hope and patience for your country

Richard Collier
the most popular president in history. More like most popular with the Billionaire totalitarian’s that fixed the office for him. 🤡

Sherri Reiss King
Libs will probably open an official inquiry to try and arrest them all.

Janet Biddiscombe
Thank you for the Biden chats! THANK YOU so much more for putting things into such an eloquent perspective. I chose not to live in fear. Even after losing my husband, Thomas Biddiscombe in January to an “accidental” OD of fentanyl. 12 days later I almost lost my daughter in a horrific traffic accident. I struggle daily with sadness and loss but hope keeps me going. Fear however will never EVER conquer me. 🦋

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