Episode 29 Rtwl: Real Talk With Leila & John O’Looney

Episode 29 Rtwl: Real Talk With Leila & John O’Looney

Facebook Post By Leila Melki

Here’s what others had to say:

Gail Maree
They may get the real thing in the boosters

Malcolm Charlaw
Love that you’re sharing the truth Leila. And John is amazing!! Thank you!!

Wouldn’t surprise me Dan organised that for the elderly here in Victoria

Teresa Mercuri Rubini
My lord the funeral parlors will be a disarster !! What a kaos it will be !!

Vicki Tsar
And he is one funeral director can you imagine how many got called

Heath Winkler
Stop sending your children to school. Send the message loud and clear. Our children are our future. Make the stand parents!

Rob ZY
Great conversation, he is a great guy

Caline Egede- Schroder
Thankyou for your bravery to be honest

Hilary Gendall
Amazing interview Leila Melki, thank you, the best I’ve seen

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