Are Bs 19 Jabs Faulty?

Are Bs 19 Jabs Faulty?

By Jack Haddad

Hear me loud and clear! I have critiqued and audited hundreds of Clinical trials during my tenure at Merck and Amylin pharmaceuticals.

When the FDA Advisory Committee tells you that we are “exercising an abundance of caution” by temporarily halting a vaccine, it means that “you” are screwed. Be very concerned and scared… Because in 98% of the time a vaccine is paused, it is never modified/corrected. And so was the case of Astrazeneca. J&J is not any different. Both are Adenovirus vaccine technology.

When they tell you that the Advisory Board will convene until further notice, they’re simply gathering to decide on how to repackage and re-write the terms of the vaccine insert.

The methodology and design of the trials they assured and promised could never be replicated if challenged in private labs by an independent third party. They’re faulty! You’re now the recipient of a vaccine in a clinical trial!

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