A Dire Warning From John O’Looney

A Dire Warning From John O’Looney

By Australian National Review

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I wonder if when these deaths start will there be any mention of them having been vaxxed…..probably not.

Indigo Rabbit
So, this may be part of the “Dark Winter” ahead we’ve been warned about. When expert doctors have predicted that those jabbed may likely be dead within 2 years, it may actually only take a matter of months.

Thank you Max and thank you John , GOD bless both of you, big petrol shortages here today

Thanks Max and John the cruel truth

All bankers and politicians will be hung by Christmas. We have the numbers bring it on

Thank you Max and John. We can pray and listen and take action to what our heart tells us is our part to play. thank you so much and God Bless and protect you!

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