Vaccine Segregation Has Officially Begun

Vaccine Segregation Has Officially Begun.

By Tucker Carlson

Vaccines are fast becoming a universal requirement and many Americans have yielded to arbitrary powers just for a chance to return to normalcy. Tucker talks with Candace Owens.


Here’s what others had to say:

Susan Martin Fort
Thank you for covering this Tucker! This is so wrong! Our unvaccinated are not hurting any of the vaccinated and it should be their choice! 🇺🇸freedom🇺🇸

Lynn Hirth-Veilleux
History repeats itself. They are so tolerant, thoughtful, and loving… until anyone opposes their belief that is. Then they turn psychotic.

Jackie DiCicco Fullen
I knew this was coming. Divide us and conquer us. Do you ever wonder why they hate and fear conservative people so much? Think about it. They fear us because we believe in inherent freedom and truth. Truly they are evil people in charge of this country.😡💔

Marianne Salazar
Very glad Tucker is talking about the horses in the west being sold for slaughter to Mexico. I’ve been supporting this organization. Something needs to be done. Glad Tucker is on it.

Karen Pruitt
I’m am 60 year old woman, not taking the vaccine! By the way . I am a Republican!

Linda Baggs
I won’t get it either just like I never once got their flu shot. My husband got the flu shot and almost died from the flu two times so much for their flu shot.

Ret Pally Plott
No way in hell i or my family will ever get one of their god dam shots

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