UCSF Launches Proves Study To Find Out if the Vaxxines Are “Safe and Effective”

UCSF Launches Proves Study To Find Out if the Vaxxines Are “Safe and Effective”

By Steve Kirsch

UCSF Professor Aditi Bhargava just got IRB approval for her study to find out how safe the vaccines are. We need as many people as possible (worldwide) to fill out the survey.

UCSF Professor Aditi Bhargava

NOTE: Professor Bhargava is modifying the survey based upon the feedback in the comments. I’ll notify you when the survey is updated.

UCSF Professor Aditi Bhargava just got approval for her PROVES study: People’s Response to COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Safety.

The more people who fill out the survey, the more accurate the results.

The goal is to survey 2.5 million people globally.

So please fill it out regardless of your vaccination status and regardless of whether you are injured or not.

Which means I need everyone who is reading this to fill it out and send it to your friends and encourage them to do so as well.

The survey is here.

From the survey:

Using questionnaire-based measures, we expect to gain valuable information on vaccine safety, severity of COVID illness, health outcomes, course of recovery, and mortality in vaccinated and unvaccinated controls. This study will allow us to independently answer questions about COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy. Independent studies are essential for scientific process …. In this study, we will survey both vaccinated and unvaccinated people about their mental health, stress, anxiety, COVID symptoms, and vaccine-induced events, if any. The objective is to ascertain vaccine safety and mental health status by surveying people’s response to vaccine efficacy and safety in an unbiased manner.

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