Two Candidates for Office That Deserve Your Support Today

Two Candidates for Office That Deserve Your Support Today

By Steve Kirsch

Brian Tyson is running for Congress. Michael Huang is running for California State Senate. Both of these candidates are excellent. A key fundraising deadline is today.

If we support the status quo, don’t expect any changes to happen.

But electing people to public office who “get it” is just about the single most important thing you can do if you want to restore medical freedom.

Here are the donation links and videos for two of the most outstanding candidates I know of.

If you are able, please donate TODAY.

Dr. Michael Huang for California State Senate

Michael is a good friend and is also one of my doctors. Walking into his clinic was such a treat because nobody is wearing a mask because they follow what the science really says. He has even taught me a few tricks (like how to prove masks are useless by showing glasses still fog up if you put the mask in the way of you exhaling). Here’s his speech in Los Angeles (below) Here’s his campaign website and his donation link (and check out who is standing with him). He’s awesome!

Dr. Brian Tyson

Brian is running for US Congress. It was the Fareed-Tyson team that developed the first widely successful early treatment protocol for COVID which has treated over 10,000 patients with no deaths.

Check out this video, his campaign website, and his endorsements.

Mathew Crawford who knows Brian really well wrote:

Brian’s candidacy is important on a different level than most. He is a conservative running in CA’s 25th Congressional district, which is Dem owned territory. The very reason he can win is the word of mouth of his integrity using real medicine effectively during the pandemic. Party affiliations disappear when truth becomes paramount. This is an election that demonstrates a local view of truth in medicine.

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