Swallowed the Propaganda. Living with the Consequences

Swallowed the Propaganda. Living with the Consequences

By Advance NZ

Here’s what others had to say:

Fascinating that she said everybody had told her to stop spreading fear, yet the media, politicians and celebrities have been selling us fear for 16 months now for a fucking cold.

It’s such a pity that most of us viewing your posts are awake to the treachery and deception. I wish you could reach those who need it most.

Yes the deception now and the denial and coverups and just plain lies are what I’m struggling with now. These govts worldwide are corrupt. We elect them and we argue about them and then we pay to keep them there. They are evil standing before us every day.

I wouldn’t bother about what people think as they are ignorant to the real facts is which the vaccine can endanger lives instead of fix covid.yet media,government,specialist are on the pay roll and are told to push vaccination if not they lose their jobs! So be bold & thick skin about your message cause a lot of people know what’s truly going on.media instantly try to protect the roll out & now everyone is being forced into it which eliminates our human right to choose!! This is a new evil called manipulation caused by new government laws imposed onto everyone!! If people think this statement is anti-vax then yes.I’m proud to stand up as a voice because all hope is lost to those who censor or tell you to stop being selfish! Here’s the thing…people are fearful therefore become mice and don’t challenge it because they just follow without an opinion! Each to their own & No this has nothing to do with being mentally disturbed.our rights as humans are slowly being controlled by a bunch of idiots that are greedy & only think of themselves getting rich!! don’t be afraid take courage and spread your message!!

Thanks for letting us know? Get better soon.

Thanks for sharing.. f**k the vaccine

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