My Video Call With the WHO

My Video Call With the WHO

By Dr Tess Lawrie

My video call with the WHO.

I wanted to share with you what it was like speaking to the WHO last week about a pandemic treaty. There were 48 people on the call. 16 of them were WHO staff.

I told them that the World Council for Health does not believe a pandemic treaty is necessary and would not benefit the people of our world.

I shared 16 recommendations which included the need for transparency, a return to open debate, respect of our inalienable human rights and civil liberties and the sovereignty of all people and nations. I called for the right to choose and refuse treatments or medical interventions. I also called for a rejection of mass experimentation, social engineering and discrimination based on medical status or choice.

I said our piece, knowing that I speak for all of us – all of you.

Will it make a difference? Honestly, I don’t know. But this is what we are up against. This is what we must fight.

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