My Speech at Calvary Chapel Last Night Led to a New Feature in Open VAERS

My Speech at Calvary Chapel Last Night Led to a New Feature in Open VAERS

By Steve Kirsch

Multiple standing ovations after the speech. Here it is if you missed it. And because of that speech, OpenVAERS now has a very cool new feature.

Executive summary

I presented my Elephant deck at Calvary Church last night. After the people at OpenVAERS watched the speech, they added a cool feature on the Mortality page so you can turn on and off the non-COVID-vaccines. This shows that all other vaccines have behaved normally, even though the pandemic and vaccination roll out. The COVID vaccines are off the charts. This cannot be explained if the vaccines are safe and I would love to have a live debate with anyone in the world who thinks they can explain it.

My 90 minute talk at Calvary Chapel in San Jose

I step the audience through my Elephant in the Room deck.

The talk starts at 1:02 into the video (i.e., 1 hour and 2 minutes in):

The audience loved it. I got several standing ovations after the talk.

Also, the audience voted that more of THEIR family members died from the vaccine than from COVID.

So while you can argue that my polls have bias because people who have lost family members to the vaccine are more likely to take my polls, you cannot say that about a live audience, with a relatively small number of my followers.

So how do they explain that one?

They don’t.

Enjoy the video.

The new cool feature in OpenVAERS makes what I said in the talk crystal clear: there is NO WAY you can explain away the VAERS data

By clicking the legend on the mortality page, you can turn on and off visibility for the COVID vs. non-COVID vaccines.

So if we look at just every vaccine except COVID, things look normal… no over-reporting at all in 2021:

Now, click on the red square again to make the COVID vaccines visible on the same chart:

There is no way to explain this other than “oh, it has to be anti-vaxxers submitting false VAERS reports from all over the world.”

And if they try that explanation, I’d say, “well then if I randomly select 100 reports, you’ll be able to show me how you know that 99 of them are fabricated, right? Or am I just supposed to trust whatever you say even though you have no evidence to support your statements?”

However, it’s a safe bet that nobody in the mainstream media will investigate because it exposes the fraud and they don’t want to be exposed since it would hurt their credibility.

The latest slide deck includes a response to this argument

A reader wrote:

Steve, when you ask: “Since March, 2020, if you have lost a family member to the jab or the virus” you are ignoring the SAVED LIFES from people who did get vaccinated.

Which implies this survey proves nothing and can be used against you.

No, that’s not true. Even if the vaccines eliminated all COVID deaths, the vaccines killed more people than they saved. I’ve added slides at the start to of the latest Elephant deck that explains how to see that.

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