Mother of COVID Vax-Injured Teen Tells RFK, Jr. She Was ‘Gaslighted’ by Doctors

Mother of COVID Vax-Injured Teen Tells RFK, Jr. She Was ‘Gaslighted’ by Doctors

By Children’s Health Defence Team 

Marie Follmer from Columbus, Ohio, says her son Grayson, a 19-year-old who attends Ohio State University, was injured by the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Follmer told Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” that Grayson developed severe heart complications following his second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Grayson had already suffered from a case of heart inflammation after getting COVID. The heart inflammation returned after he got the Pfizer vaccine, said Follmer.

No one advised me not to allow my child to get the vaccine if they had already had heart inflammation, Follmer said. She told Kennedy she had no idea it could do more damage.

Follmer said there’s a big “push to get this experimental medicine” into people’s bodies, but “no one is acknowledging that there are issues.”

Follmer said:
“If someone would have just said to me, at any point in time, ‘If they have a reaction, don’t get the shot, it’s not safe.’ We wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s devastating.”

Grayson’s reaction to the vaccine was so severe, that he went to the emergency room about 10 times, said Follmer. He’s so sick he’s afraid he won’t survive, she said.

Follmer said she feels like she’s been ignored and gaslighted by doctors for believing her son’s heart condition was caused by the Pfizer vaccine.


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