Is Your Job Forcing You To Get the Vax? Here’s What To Do

Is Your Job Forcing You To Get the Vax? Here’s What To Do

By Candace Owens

Here’s what others had to say:

Lachelle Westerfield
You have explained what I have been thinking and feeling. What we have been through this past year, it all doesn’t look and feel right

Cornelius Edwards
They’re using celebrities as puppets to make everyone comply with getting the vaccine…

Cornelius Edwards
One of my family members got the vaccine 💉 and she feels like her whole body is shutting down… She’s even using a wheelchair 🦼 now…🙏🏽

Lisa Wharton
I agree with you! Fear was the tactic. I worked with the public through it all and the fear/brainwash was so evident. I put my trust in the Lord and will not live in fear.

Candace is a legend

Anne LaGrow
Thankfully my employer is not requiring the vaccine. My supervisor hasn’t even gotten it and does not plan to either.

Michelle Handel Pozzie
Let’s not forget they pulled away a drug that was completely harmless, and not letting families advocate for their loved ones.

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