Graphene Oxide the BS 19 Vax Trojan Horse MSM Never Mentions

Graphene Oxide the BS 19 Vax Trojan Horse MSM Never Mentions

By Natura Datura

Here’s what others had to say:

Yep. This is the most important news of the week. Well done.

How will one avoid vaccination if an aerosol version is employed? If the Turks are developing a nasal version, would not the same version or further enhancement make aerosol dispersion possible? I see graphene being promoted in tons of new products. I.e.; car polish, tampons, masks, paints, etc… This crap is going to be everywhere, including the atmosphere and water supply very soon.

An old man talking about science, classified as “HATE” in the UK.

“Safety in Numbers” as animal instinct same applies to humans alive today but now the elitists Bill Gates Fauci Rockefellar are chipping away at that.

Could the original cases of what is called CV have been caused by the aerosol spraying of graphene oxide nano-particles? We have planes spraying our skies daily. Most of the spraying has been early in morning and at sunset.

Truly excellent. These are permanent heroes no matter who dies and who lives. Permanent.

IOT devices transmit and recieve. This SMART technology is everywhere. Google and Amazon have sidewalk nets already employed.

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