Dr Anthony Fauci has been ‘found out on a million fronts’

Dr Anthony Fauci has been ‘found out on a million fronts’

By Sky News Australia

America’s most senior infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has now been “found out on a million fronts,” according to Sky News host Alan Jones.
“He (Fauci) was told early, way back in February 2020, that there was fairly good evidence that this virus had been engineered,” Mr Jones said. “Funds made available by the agency which
Fauci heads … to the tune of $600,000 went to this Wuhan Institute of Virology. “This is the mob, remember, involved in gain-of-function research.”
Mr Jones questioned why Fauci would continue to argue coronavirus was transmitted from an animal to humans “in spite of advice to the contrary”.
“It is only now that the emails have been leaked that he has had to admit that he is not convinced that the virus developed naturally,” he said.
“The truth in all this from day one has not been shared with us. “There can be no greater contempt for the people than to deny the truth.”

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