Door-to-Door Vaxxination in the Pilbara Announced

Door-to-Door Vaxxination in the Pilbara Announced

By Australian National Review

In COVID-19 update press conference featuring WA Premier Mark McGowan, Vaccine Commander Chris Dawson, and Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel, a door-to-door vaccination campaign in the Pilbara was announced. Speaking in Karratha about lifting the Pilbara’s lagging vax rate, Chris Dawson said:

“Rather than expect people to come to places such as this health campus, we know that some groups are staying in their homes. So that means we’ll be going door-to-door, and engaging with people. And if they don’t take it up the first time, because they’ve got some doubts or a lack of information, we’ll sit down and engage with them. And that’s going to be intensive.” (source)

From McGowan’s comments in the press conference, it appears this measure could begin as early as this Monday (November 22nd). This is an extremely concerning announcement, given the forced vaccination provisions contained in Section 158 of WAs Public Health Act (2016).

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