Blow Your Nose. Brad Hazzard

Blow Your Nose. Brad Hazzard

By Danger Dan

Another day. Another variant. Another moron.

Here’s what others had to say:

CRF1000L Aus
It amazes me that they still use the person in the background nodding trick. It’s a true indication you’re being lied to.

Ms Bliss
I love the sound of lefties smacking their heads on the ground in the morning. This may be your best work yet. That cok head licks the tip all day, every day. Nailed it Danny boy.

End the Mandates
Bananas in Pyjamas is exactly what i have been thinking whenever I read about the omicron variants.
I really hope one day to see biohazzard fainting on TV but we all know he doesn’t take his own snake oil…he just let’s his bank account fill up from commissions on his sales.

Funny how everyone knows this is a scam but they still keep pushing it. It must be so embarrassing for them!

Michael R.
Brett Sutton (VIC): Delta is a beast we’ve never seen anything like it before, it is a raging beast
Omicron BA1: most transmissible virus in history
Omicron BA2: hold my beer
Brad Hazzard (NSW): the future is in your hands, or rather your arms 😉
… crickets

Wayne Holzer
His plastic surgeon actually made a nose that suits his style for once hats off to the nose job surgeon for doing a perfect job.

Alex F
This is brilliantly brilliant.
Hazzard looks foolish in fact looks like a fool’s fool with his inadvertent comedy act here.

You sir, are an absolute genius. Heart attack hazard up to his usual tricks.

Stuart Lumsden
He’s like a broken record. All he’s done for two years is mock anyone who disagrees and scare the crap out of the electorate. He should join Labor and move north, south or west.

Becker ll
Sure Brad…..Where’s Danny ???
The PCR test does not look for the whole virus, only specific bits of it, meaning it will also return a positive result for people whose immune systems have destroyed all the virus but who still have ‘dead’ fragments of it floating around in the tested area. This can be the case weeks after an infection. Compounding the problem is that in order to pick up an early infection, one has to make the PCR test extremely sensitive so as to detect trace amounts of the virus.
That comes with the high risk of finding a positive result when someone is not actually infected.

He is stumbling over his own words. That is what happens when all you do all day long is LIE LIE LIE. All these clowns are running out of time.

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