43% of Parents Say They Will Pull Their Child Out of School Over V@x Mandate

43% of Parents Say They Will Pull Their Child Out of School Over V@x Mandate

By National Times Australia

Here’s what others had to say:

Brandy Kolb Meister
I will pull my child out of school in a heartbeat!

Carissa Hilton
Im jobless. Might as well invest my time in my child’s future so his can be brighter than mine.

Linda Goodwin
‘Not easy I know, but if my kids were in school & subjected to all this nonsense, I would definitely pull them out of school.

Philip Gallagher
I now actually believe that they want the whole system to crash causing mass unemployment and food shortages because only the richest will be able to pay for their needs!

Russell Whelan
Likely one of the best things that could ever happen in children’s education!

Karen Welsh
I think that is the plan of our evil government! To further divide!! Divide snd conquer! If we don’t love one another no matter what, they will start turning us against each other snd our country is what will be lost for it!!

Stephanee Adams
Good hope the schools fail, teachers and staff lose jobs, and maybe the madness will end

Carrie Cuellar
I hope they do pull them out. Once they stand up to this nonsense, they will have no choice but to stop.

Original Source: https://www.nationaltimesaustralia.com/health/43-of-parents-say-they-will-pull-their-child-out-of-school-over-vx-mandate/

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