The Globalists Are Fast Tracking Their Plans As They Are Desperate. More People Are Awakening but Sadly There Is Still Too Many That Believe in the Cov Fraud

The Globalists are fast tracking their plans as they are desperate – more are awakening but sadly there is still to many that believe in the Covid fraud – so we have to accept many won’t make it and start building the resistance.

By Australian National Review

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Here’s what others had to say:

Dragan-dzo Kisacanin
You are100% right

Paul Gilson
Well said people need to wake up

Jodie Lamb
Wakey wakey sleepy heads. Unfortunately the sleepers are pushing us of the cliff with them

Kylie Tonissen
So what is this census? Our name is not on it. What is it for? I found it weird as it was left in my mailbox.

Jan Hamilton
Hi, I’m from Manitoba Canada I’m thinking about you folk.
Not getting the Covid Jab.
We have so many people here who ran to line up for the jab. No questions they just want to travel don’t realize or research the jabs. It’s shameful. Under 1,500 people apparently died from Covid.
Ridiculous, people in Nursing homes in their 80s, 90s and 100 years old died from covid and not old age???? Not heart disease or cancer?????
It’s a plandemic, scamdemic.
Yes it’s a fraud…. take care all

Kathryn Best
Thank you for STANDING FOR US Jamie

Teresa Irving
over 600 million people die annually of the flu and they are saying that 400 million have died of covid and call it a pandemic – ludicrous

Jay Mac
Mate you are deadset a legend

Brenda Steadman
How come and where did the DELTA come into being?

Matilda Polanetz
There has NEVER been a follow up to this story on how the medical staff are doing now! -FIVE per cent of Echuca Regional Health’s staff were too sick to work after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination AstraZeneca.

Matilda Polanetz
41,604 people in Australia have been Hospitalized at one stage or another after taking these injections and 399 Dead !!! This was taken 2 MONTHS ago when there were only 11,000 people hospitalized and 210 died as a direct caused from these injections ! Side effects are :- blood Clots, Strokes, Immense nerve pain, heart attacks, miscarriages, facial paralysis, nervous system disorders, immune system disorders, , capillary leak syndrome, Bells Palsy
Myocarditis which causes Inflammation of the heart & Pericarditis is inflammation of the pericardium, a sac-like structure with two thin layers of tissue that surround the heart to hold it in place and help it work, Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura , Shingles , Guillain-Barre syndrome is a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves, Liver Damage, Erythema multiforme.

Pearly Imbuido Gardiner
Thank You Sir Jamie for your sacrifices ..I want to volunteer as your Field Reporter

Mark Weightman
Mate I take my hat off to you
I can’t believe how stupid people are
Stay save and thanks for telling it as it is

Zel Kovac
I want to be part of this great new world. Your video is real and you speak with passion and like a man.

Sandro Brozzesi
They the government of Australian government FEDERAL and STATE and local government. don’t even know what is covid or the Bullshit variant alpha , delta , wait there’s 4 letters in total. wait and see.

Sandro Brozzesi
Jamie ya keep up the fight. these politicians of govt in Australia, I mean all will be strung up . by the constitution of Australia. that still stands for all Australian dictators. of sovereignty of all Australian people born here. TRUTH be told.

Sandro Brozzesi
The guy from Queensland, the miner from that mine that shut down of suspected covid.. got the vaccine shot after, then not short after DIE😥 prior to that he was healthy. as I know mine medical test are stringent in there ways. MARCSTAR. for open pit / underground. hope the spelling is right.

Sandro Brozzesi
world health organization. WHO. you know that so called leader of who. the Black guy Dr. was a the head of a African terrorists organization in Africa. TRUTH be told.

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