Technology Can Liberate Mankind – Or It Can Enslave Us

Technology Can Liberate Mankind – Or It Can Enslave Us

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Don’t let the greedy Globalists who already own half the world’s wealth, and want us “ to own nothing, and be completely happy “, while they own everything, and intend to make us miserable until we die of the deadly experimental drugs they spruik.

Let’s not let these losers, cowards, Kiddle fiddlers enslave us.

Yes, the herd needs thinning.

Here’s what others had to say:

Karen Molnar

Jamie McIntyre saw this on another site… I think it was on yesterday’s Sydney morning herald website. I can’t confirm as it is only a screenshot picture

Karen Molnar

Jamie McIntyre and they wave it in everyone’s face and still the people can’t see the bigger picture and bow down to the corrupt government, roll up their sleeves, take the poison, stay imprisoned and blame the unvaxxxed.

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