Mel Gibson Giving the Same Advice I’ve Been Sharing for Sometime

Mel Gibson Giving the Same Advice I’ve Been Sharing for Sometime

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Mel Gibson giving the same advice I’ve been sharing for sometime
Get the f.. out of cities
The writing is on the wall
Cities will fall
Get your kids out of school, and your money out of the banks, ( I would avoid hospitals and get at least 90 day of food aside – ideally start growing your own , back up generator , spare fuel etc )
Turn off the f.. idiot box and tune into researching how the world got to where it is and what can be down to defeat the Globalists
Don’t be a gutless wanker
You are being called to join the resistance
Answer the f.. call before it’s to late
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Here’s what others had to say:

Jamie L Gibson
Good to know Gibson’s think the same Tracy Gibson

Sally Smith
He’s amazing well done Mel Gibson!! Much respect!! ❤️🙏🏻

Gene Genie
So should we withdraw all of our money ? I’m super confused about this…please excuse my ignorance I’m still learning on what’s best to do . 🙏

Gayle Dickson
My ancestors fought beside William and I’ve inherited the same fighting spirit ..

Noreen Williams
Mel Gibson outed Hellyweird decades ago.

Jane Aufderheide
Wish we get hold of our bloody super!

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