Interesting- can anyone validate the condo part?

Interesting- can anyone validate the condo part?

By Jamie McIntyre

Interesting- can anyone validate the condo part?

Here’s what others had to say: 

I don’t believe he’d give out the address publicly

he wouldn’t put a tweet out mentioning where the files were

Hmmm interesting


Condo part is fake


Lol as if he put his address in the tweet, cmon


Publicly said where they’re, to prove he was being targeted and watched, if he says he lived in the building and it goes down, then the world will see for their own eyes. Just how desperate they’re to silence him. They don’t care about collateral damage. They done this before, they’ll do it again.


I 110% believe he was killed but I don’t believe the condo part. Why would they level a building to collect hard drives if they know they are in there? I mean stranger things have happened but if you think about it, sending a team to break in and take it under the cover of darkness seems more likely. Also looked for verification that the tweet with the address was real and can’t find any.

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