BS 19 Jabs Adverse Reactions Are Rare Apparently?

BS 19 Jabs Adverse Reactions Are Rare Apparently?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

How many who are lining up for a BS Jab, don’t even know there are over 60,000 recorded deaths, (10 % or less get recorded officials admit- 600,000 estimated dead from the Bs 19 jabs already, over 50 million injuries (half-seriously injured).

To watch the Fall of the Cabal visit: Australian National Review


Here’s what others had to say:

Clinton Rodgers
Old medical paper says clearly common cold.

Nikki A Galagher
And the Phyco QLD premier has just announced that people need at least 1 jab to cross from NSW TO QLD..
How f**ken dare she think she can force people to have an experimental jab just so we can see our family and partners.

Clinton Rodgers 

Isaac Satinger
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