Are You Thinking of Getting a Cov Shot? Read Before You Take the Shot

Are You Thinking of Getting a Cov Shot? Read Before You Take the Shot

By Australian National Review

Any friends out their thinking of taking the bs 19 jab.
Just don’t. Or if you have don’t take the second one.
Don’t embarrass yourself or me.
Plus I’ll have to get new friends.

Also anyone that has taken it,should have to disclose before dating, and before entering any business or going to work.

It’s one thing to be weak minded and selfish to participate in a Global Medical Experiment that’s rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective,unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly, but another to put the lives at risk of anyone you now come into contact with.
Take the jab and end up locked up in quarantine for life.

For two free Krispy Kreme donuts and Bunnings sausage is it really worth it.
And don’t use the excuse – but I want to travel – well enjoy your last holiday before our die of blood clots or are disabled. Plus the vaccinated will end up being banned from flying. It’s an IQ test and pretty embarrassing to fail it.

Read before you take the death shot.
It really doesn’t take a lot of courage to say yes to a bs 19 jab because your scared of a falsified pandemic.

Here’s what others had to say:

Dennis Wynne
Mandatory is not a law ,so refuse

Jane Fitzgerald
Yet they are trying to force mandatory masks again!!!

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