Are You a Pin Cushion for Big Pharma To Get Their Little Pricks Into You?

Are You a Pin Cushion for Big Pharma To Get Their Little Pricks Into You?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Are you a pin cushion for big pharma to get their little pricks into you ?
Unknown Author but a Valid point!
All the vaccines I have taken in my life like my Tetanus shots, measles, mumps, polio, meningitis, TB shots, etc…
I am NOT an anti-vaxxer, I am a Pharmaceutical company’s bloody pincushion with all the vaccinations I have had over many years of my life!
Never have I heard so many lies and deceptions over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask and socially distance even when fully vaccinated, and that I could still contract or spread the virus even after being fully vaccinated.
Never had to get tested when I was perfectly healthy without any symptoms whatsoever.
Never had to have a double shot or even triple shots or more.
Never been bribed by the establishments to take the vaccine in order to win a car and/or cash prizes or earn frequent flyer points.
I never had to worry about cardiac issues and/or blood clots and sadly more! Didn’t even have to worry about death.
Never was I ever THREATENED by the use of FORCE by the Government, Employers, Police force, and Military for a vaccine.
I was never judged by my friends or relatives if I didn’t take it. I was never discriminated against for travel or other regular services to a point where I could not buy or sell without it.
The vaccines I have listed above never told me I was a bad person for not taking them or for even taking them for that matter.
I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between my family members and/or close friends to a point of destroying my relationships with them ever.
Never have I seen it used for political gain.
Never seen a vaccine needing 24/7 mass media advertising and promotion on every media outlet known to man.
Never have I seen it used to persuade children in favour of free ice cream.
Then there’s mixing and matching different vaccine brands and being told it’s okay to do it one day and then told the next day to not do it, then on and off, on and off, again and again, etc, etc.
I have never seen a vaccine threaten someone’s livelihood, as well as wipe out their jobs. Completely ruin their family businesses, school, and destroy a nation’s economy, etc.
I have never seen a vaccine that allows a 12-year-old child’s consent to supersede their parent’s consent (that one alone blows me away).
So, after all, I have said, can someone tell me how on God’s green earth I am a racist and/or a conspiracy theorist? Non educated, non-researched person because I am not willing to take this UNPROVEN vaccine on a HUMAN TRIAL basis?
The vaccine that is still experimental and where the clinical trials won’t be over for at least two years+ from now????
Finally, after all the vaccines (jab, shots) I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one that discriminates, divides, and judges a society. So much information is censored, deleted, and removed from the internet and mainstream media!
So many doctors and scientists are censored and forbidden to speak out or ask legitimate questions when what is being allowed or not allowed does not make sense! Particularly when it comes from mainstream media. I have never known a vaccine that has made all the Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture it exempt from liability if it kills everyone to a point where no life insurance will cover it!
This is one powerful vaccine folks. It does all these things above that I have mentioned and yet? It does NOT do the one thing it is supposed to do which is?
FIGHT OFF THIS PANDEMIC that has a survival rate of 98.4%

Just speaking out a-loud! Don’t mind me…

Here’s what others had to say:

Rhiannon Stevens
Very well said. Thank you!! Common freaking sense! You are a breath of fresh air!!

Maryke Devries
Excellent, but the msm watch, will still line up for Fake PCR tests, and the jabs. My heart goes out to all the children of the world who do not get a choice.

Michael Feenan
Vert well said, mate.

Rhiannon Stevens

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