It’s a Joke – The Mind Control Operation of Monkeypox Failed

By The Vigilant Fox

“It’s a Joke” – The Mind Control Operation of Monkeypox Failed

Catherine Austin Fitts: “There was a real effort to roll out and push monkeypox … and what went was not monkeypox, what went was moneypox … and it just skyrocketed everywhere, and they couldn’t get it [monkeypox] to go. And somebody told me there’s a new emergency meeting … they’re going to change the name because it won’t go. It’s a joke.”

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The Truth About “Polio” Paralysis: It Was DDT Poisoning

By Robin Monotti | Dr Mike Yeadon | Cory Morningstar

The truth about “polio” paralysis: it was DDT poisoning.

“Flying and Biting Bugs on Jones Beach Die in a Cloud of DDT, a New Insecticide—A truck-mounted for generator squirts the poison, mixed with oil droplets, over a four-mile area of the New York City playground. Spread by Army and Navy planes and by hand sprays, DDT routed dangerous disease-bearing flies and mosquitoes on Pacific islands. DDT has a drawback—it kills many beneficial and harmless insects, but does not kill all insect pests. Birds and fish which eat large numbers of DDT-poisoned insects may be casualties too. (National Geographic Magazine, October 1945, p. 410)”

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ABIM: “There Shall Be No Public Accountability on Our Decision to De-Certify Dr. McCullough”

By Steve Kirsch

According to the ABIM, there is no need for a public forum between experts to determine what constitutes misinformation. That determination is made by the ABIM and its hand-selected doctors.

The American Board of Internal Medicine is seeking to take away the board certification of Dr. Peter McCullough for spreading misinformation.

Executive Summary

ABIM contacted Dr. Peter McCullough in a letter dated May 26, 2022 notifying him he is accused of spreading misinformation and started an investigation to remove his board certification. See 0:24 in this Highwire episode for the ABIM letter.


Senator Ron Johnson heard about the letter and sent a letter dated June 15 to Dr. Richard Baron, President & CEO of the ABIM where he politely offered to host an expert panel of doctors in Washington DC to resolve what the science actually says, similar to the widely popular “A second opinion” panel he hosted, but this time with scientists on both sides. See 3:36 in this Highwire episode for Johnson’s offer.

Note that Johnson’s original panel invited scientists on all sides but nobody was willing to support the false narrative so it ended up being one-sided, but not for lack of trying.

ABIM refused Johnson’s offer. Dr. Baron sent Senator Johnson a “thanks but no thanks” reply saying they are perfectly capable of disciplining Dr. McCullough, without any outside assistance. Dr. Baron said that the discipline procedure is private (even though McCullough waives all privacy), ABIM doesn’t want anyone to know. ABIM and its appointed panel of doctors will make all decisions on de-certification. They do not need to hear from scientists with opposing views on what constitutes misinformation, nor do they want to.

In other words, ABIM will make scientific assessments in private, behind closed doors, using a panel they appoint. They will not be held accountable to any public scrutiny. So there!


In an earlier article, I wrote that Peter McCullough was notified that the American Board of Internal Medicine wants to strip away his board certification because Peter said things that were true at the time he said them and some of them turned out later not to be true. Basically, because Peter cannot predict the future, he’s guilty of spreading misinformation.

However, it’s interesting that the same is true for all physicians certified by ABIM. Those physicians told people that the vaccines would protect them against getting COVID and we know now that is not true. These physicians also told people “masks work” which gave people a false sense of security and increased COVID rates, causing deaths. They also told patients that early treatments such as HCQ and ivermectin don’t work. And when the vaccines are finally generally recognized as the most dangerous vaccines ever invented, ABIM will be forced to decertify itself if it has any ethics left at that point.

So instead of going after THOSE physicians, ABIM is targeting Dr. McCullough.

Senator Ron Johnson heard about the letter and offered to host a panel of doctors in Washington DC to resolve what the science actually says.

The President of the ABIM responded saying it’s a private process, they decide on what constitutes misinformation, and there shall be no public accountability in their process. They are the judge, jury, and executioner. Peter can have a lawyer, but they appoint the jury. It’s all done behind closed doors. What constitutes “misinformation” shall be exclusively determined by a board of doctors THEY appoint. They have absolutely no interest in facilitating a public forum to hear from experts on both sides. They only want to hear from THEIR experts. And if their experts rule the wrong way, they will take away the certification of those experts, so it’s an absolute fair process designed to impartially determine truth. No pressure at all on the doctor panel of judges, see?

That’s just the way it goes.

The pathetic lack of reaction from the mainstream medical community

See any mainstream doc cheering on the ABIM? Nope.

See any mainstream doc defending Dr. McCullough against this over-reach by the ABIM? Nope.

Doctors are sheep. They follow what others do and don’t speak out. Nothing to gain by speaking out. You don’t want to lose your license too!


Since any specialty board is a private organization that is not accountable to anyone, they can technically do whatever they want.

ABIM doesn’t want a public debate on “misinformation” because it would expose the hypocrisy. Everything is being done behind closed doors and the judges are all appointed by ABIM. It’s a rigged system. Corruption at its finest. Any judge who bucks the system will have their certifications revoked.

It’s the same corrupt system with the outside panels of the CDC and FDA: if you rock the boat, you’re off the outside committee. The accountability is backwards. It should be to the people.

When there is no public accountability, bad stuff happens.

Dr. McCullough should receive an award from the ABIM for having the courage to stand for truth and science, not this awful letter and sham trial.

For more on corrupt institutions, read this excellent Brownstone Institute article entitled Elections won’t fix this.

Perhaps Dr. McCullough, Kory, and others will create a new private medical board named something like “American Board of Honest Physicians” or something like that. What do you think?

In the meantime, Peter should be able to recover damages in real court should ABIM decide to decertify him.

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Joe Biden Falls off His Stationary Bike While on Vacation As Americans Suffer His Gas Price Crisis


It’s official, Joe Biden can’t walk, talk or ride a bike…

Enjoying a nice Saturday morning near his Rehoboth Beach home in Delaware, President Joe Biden and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, decided to go on a nice bike ride. Celebrating their 45th anniversary this weekend, President Biden was biking around the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail when he decided to stop to talk to a group of supporters. While trying to dismount his bike, Biden accidentally tripped and fell over, causing onlookers and Secret Service to be concerned about the 79-year-old as he tumbled to the ground. Supposedly caused by his shoe being caught on the bike, the President quickly regained his footing, telling the crowd that he was okay.

Happening in the morning, the video of Biden falling over, which can be watched below, quickly made its rounds on the internet with Fox News’s Lucas Tomlinson stating, “About 40 minutes ago, as you mentioned, President Biden was on a bicycle ride in Rehoboth Beach. He fell off the bike but appeared in good spirits and unharmed. He got up and immediately started talking with locals and joking, but there’s no sign the recovery is going to make a similar recovery.”


Not letting the fall deter him, President Biden was sure to divert the conversation to the soaring gas prices most Americans are seeing. He claimed, “I’m using every lever available to me to bring down prices for the American people. These actions are part of our transition to a clean and secure long-term energy future. And the good news is climate security and energy security go hand in hand.”

Continuing with his theme that oil companies are to blame for gas prices climbing above $5 a gallon, the President added, “I contacted them with my team and asked what their plans are and to hear any suggestions they have. They have over 9000 leases. 9000. They could drill,  but they’re not doing it.”

As for how Americans and Democrats feel about the Biden administration, Tomlinson revealed that his approval rating is plummeting, and even Democrats are seeking a change of leadership in 2024. “As the price of gasoline has skyrocketed across the country, Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted. His approval rating has sunk to 39%, with nearly half of Americans strongly disapproving of his job performance. According to a new USA Today Suffolk poll, only 16% of Americans strongly approve of the job he’s doing. That’s less than two in 10. Nearly three-quarters of the country thinks the US is on the wrong track. And nearly half of Democrats in the country are on the wrong track as well. Recall last week, the New York Times reported an increasing number of Democrats think Biden is an anchor that should be cut loose and say he should not run for re-election in 2024. With gas prices spiking and a trip to Saudi Arabia planned next month, many Americans want Biden to call for ramped up oil production here in the United States.”

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Please Ask Your Doctor Today Whether They Will Speak Out or Remain Silent

By Steve Kirsch

The HART video is devastating because it sums up what the FDA did in just 4 minutes that anyone can understand, including your doctor. It’s time to hold YOUR doctor accountable.

Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group, created a superb 4 minute video that everyone should see.

Please refer your doctor to this article and ask your doctor one simple question:

“Will you speak out? Or remain silent?”

Let me know in the comments what your doctor said in response.

For extra credit

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VSRF Call Jun 16 at 4pm Pt: Jack Posobiec and Peter McCullough

By Steve Kirsch

A couple of the top voices helping to spread the truth.

Watch the preview for this week’s episode with  Peter McCullough, MD, Jack Posobiec and John Leake (but please put your phone away before you watch the video… you’ll find out why at the end of the video).

My friend and colleague, Peter McCullough, M.D., M.P.H. and his co-author John Leake join this week’s call to discuss their new book, “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”

Here is a sneak peak of the preface…

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The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Part 21 the Untold Truth About Nose Swabs

By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter | FallCabal

Part 21: Covid-19: Part 4 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.
About nose swabs and PCR

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FDA Advisers Get Roasted at Their Own Committee Hearing – ‘You Will Burn in Hell,’ ‘All About Money’

By Zach Heilman

“These vaccines are not experimental. They have bio weapons designed to maim and kill.”

With Moderna seeking an Emergency Use Authorization request for administering the COVID-19 drug to children aged six to 17, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Related Biological Products Advisory Committee convened to discuss granting the request. That wasn’t all as on Wednesday, the same panel of experts will debate allowing both Moderna and Pfizer to inject children under the age of five with the controversial drug. While reviewing the data presented to them, the FDA allowed speakers to share their views on the drug having more authorization. Although some supported the move, 43-year-old researcher, biologist, and mother Carolina Bourque detailed her own experience with the supposed miracle vaccine.

In the video, featured below, Bourque recalled how her life changed after following the advice of the government and getting the COVID-19 drug. “After my first injection, I had an anaphylactic reaction, rash, tachycardia, dizziness, shortness of breath, intense gastro pains that lasted months. My doctors ignored my reactions from the first injection and unbelievably recommended a second shot. They said it was needed to be safe. I took the second Moderna injection in June of 2021. I got dizzy right away. Two days after the injection, I could not get out of bed for a couple of days. My right leg and my arms were weak.”

Sadly, that wasn’t all as the mother added, “I developed facial paralysis and migraines. My eyesight became fuzzy. I was dizzy and confused. I had no choice but to stay down. It has been about twelve and 15 months of reaction to the injections. I still deal with daily fatigue, dizziness, memory problems, nerve, and joint pains, burning up the skin, numbness, ringing up the ears, headaches, tingling sensations in my body, my face droops, and my right hand tremors.”

It wasn’t just concerned citizens that criticized the COVID-19 drug as Dr. Harvey Klein shared his thoughts. And for those who might not know, Dr. Klein has a medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and has been in the field for more than 20 years.

Giving his professional opinion, the doctor admitted, “The best treatment you can do is to leave these children alone under God’s care, and failing to do that, then your only purpose is to name and kill. That clearly being the case, the FDA should change its name to the JMI, the Josef Mengele Institute.”

The doctor also warned, “It is not too late to repent and return to God in His Torah. If you want to experiment, do it on yourselves. Don’t think that for 1 second that God is not aware of your very nefarious and murderous plans and actions. If you, heaven forbid, go through with mandating vaccines for innocently helping children, you will burn in hell for eternity.”

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Concise Summary of the FDA Meeting (Day 1): Went As Expected; Unanimous Approval

By Steve Kirsch

For those of you who haven’t had time to watch the whole thing: unanimous vote to approve the Moderna vaccine EUA 6 to 11 and 12 – 17. Tomorrow is Moderna 6 month to 5 year; Pfizer 6 mo to 4 yrs.

I used to watch the VRBPAC and ACIP meetings, but it was so depressing and I have more important things to do (you are going to really love the next poll coming up later today).

The best link to watch the action is the annotated livestream where you can see Meryl Nass’s live commentary. It will be live again tomorrow morning at 8:30am ET.

Here is the final screen showing Meryl’s commentary on the unanimous vote:

I just talked to Meryl. I tried to get her on video but she said she was too burned out.

Analysis of the meeting

News articles

VRBPAC unanimously backs Moderna vaccine for children 6 and up

How the game is played

Here’s how it works Moderna tells FDA what happened. FDA doesn’t verify anything and tells the committee that they meet the FDA criteria. Nobody talked about the confidence interval. 80 to 90%+ efficacious. No discussion about durability of the immunity. No idea how often you’ll need to be vaccinated. So the committee basically says, “Good efficacy and safety so good to go!”

If you behave on the committee, you stay on the committee. When you drop off, you get big grants. See? No conflict of interest at all! Committee members can vote against the vaccine but then they are removed from the committee for the next go around. That’s why unanimous votes are so easy. They keep juggling the members so if they think there are any critical thinkers on the panel, they just “disappear” the next time.

Over 900 side effects. There were 25 minor ones that might be caused by the vaccines. No serious side effects were found to be due to the vaccine according to Moderna. FDA trusts them. The FDA admits they haven’t confirmed this. After all, if you can’t trust Moderna, who can you trust? They didn’t say that out loud of course, but that’s the thinking.

They didn’t relate things at all to what is happening with the Pfizer vaccine out in the wild with the same age groups.

Were there any bright lights? No!

I jumped on the live chat at the end:

  1. Steve Kirsch1:30pm I’ve been avoiding watching this. They are always so painful. Were there any bright lights in this meeting? or are all the committee members dimwits as usual?
  2. Luka1:30pm*for our kids
  3. Interbang1:30pmEugenics: Prioritize the weak and vulnerable.
  4. Suzanne 1:31pmYou better believe the blue states will find a way to mandate this
  5. RMT1:31pm@Steve Kirsch. NONE!!!
  6. Anne Mayer2:30pmIt should not be mandated!!!
  7. Mass1:31pmNothing but
  8. something stinks1:31pmthank you dr. nass and chd
  9. Interbang1:31pm@Steve: Not a flicker of a light. Predictable and nauseating.
  10. Steve Kirsch1:32pmthanks. looks like i didn’t miss anything
  11. M.D.1:32pmno need for mandate…the childs will be coerced to take the gene-shot
  12. RMT1:32pm@Steve Kirsch. They’re ALL dimwits and their engaging speaks volumes. Such vagueness.
  13. JC1:32pm Horrific corporate decision making with dire consequences for children and families
  14. RMT1:32pm Correction engaging = languaging
  15. Babcia60 1:32pm More “vaccinated” people are getting Covid again and again. Immunity is being destroyed by these shots!
  16. Dr. Toby Rogers1:32pm Blessing to Meryl for doing such a wonderful job of live blogging this miserable meeting.
  17. Nokillshot1:32pm Why are they all smiling
  18. Anne Mayer2:32pm Early 3rd doses because they don’t work and have no durability
  19. RMT1:33pm They admitted there is NO evidence of efficacy, yet the charade continued and got unanimous vote.
  20. Suzanne 1:33pm May all these doctors who say the benefits outweigh the risks eat their words in the near future
  21. JC1:33pm So hard to watch!
  22. Luka1:33pm @Steve Kirsch@ what do you expect of these “doctors”? They do not understand statistics, they are easily manipulated due to their lack of basic math skills ”
  23. ThisIsCriminal1:34pm I am not surprised but utterly disgusted.
  24. Babcia60 1:34pm You’re desyroying our immunity!
  25. Interbang1:34pm ‘Vibrant’ discussion: Slavish parroting of agenda
  26. Anne Mayer2:33pm Follow up boosters… not safety and efficacy
  27. Suzanne 1:34pm Just another corrupt organization in America
  28. RMT1:35pm@Luka. AND lack of understanding of vaccines. They are led by the nose of Big Pharma
  29. LuLu1:35pm Yes, bless Dr. Meryl! This is my first time watching this event. I learned so much following Dr. Meryl’s comments!
  30. Ash1:35pm Monitor aka ignore VAERS.
  31. RMT1:35pm Vibrant discussion? There was NOTHING vibrant about it. It was a snooze fest.
  32. ThisIsCriminal1:35pm How can they lie without flinching
  33. Suzanne 1:35pm There’s no transparency AT ALL
  34. M.D.1:35pm unbelievable
  35. Anne Mayer2:34pm Flawless because no real pushback.
  36. RMT1:35pm DELICENSE these yahoos!
  37. Suzanne 1:36pm There is NO long term safety data!
  38. Anne Mayer2:35pm Like VARES THAT NEVER GOT MENTIONED
  39. Suzanne 1:36pmIs VAERS not transparent to you? You didn’t mention it at all today!
  40. Ash1:36pm GOOD
  41. Anne Mayer2:35pm Tragic
  42. Ash1:36pm They deserve every message they get
  43. Anne Mayer2:36pm Did you hear discussion about levels of risk?

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