Who said cryptos don’t offer a dividend and cash positive return?

Who said cryptos don’t offer a dividend and cash positive return?

By Crypto Global News

Some crypto holders are earning up to 10% pa returns if they agree to lock up their coins for a period of time.
Numerous crypto coins are doing this including a recent offer by Bitcoin 2.0, new crypto recently listed in Bitxchange.

It was quoted as offering 8% pa for 6 month lock up, and 10% pa for 12 month lock up.

When asked why, a spokesperson said, “ We saw other coins offering this, and we thought it adds another attractive return for coin holders, especially the ones who have a long term vision and intend not selling in the short term anyhow.”

A recent release from Bitcoin 2.0 stated “Bonus offer by Bitcoin 2.0”

Any coin holder will soon be able to elect to earn 8% or 10% pa,( paid in Bitcoin 2.0 ) if they elect to lock up their coins for 6 months,( 8% pa ) or 12 months (10% pa ), from mid July  14th 2021 to mid July 14th 2022 for 12 months and January 14, 2022, for 6 months

To register your interest in either of these 2 options

https://bit-xchange.org/register-your-interest-now (https://bit-xchange.org/register-your-interest-now/)/

The crypto industry is attracting more  and more mainstream investors, especially with 10% yields on offer plus the large capital growth potential

As a result, we expect more and more cryptos to offer income incentives, especially in the newer coins
Dax coin is another new coin that successfully had a massive subscription to its  10 % pa return to its coin holders.
It listed late April 2021 across multiple exchanges.

Original source: https://cryptoglobalnews.live/bitcoin-2-0/who-said-cryptos-dont-offer-a-dividend-and-cash-positive-return/

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